Here’s my story—

Growing up, I always wanted to be an astronaut (or scientist), but I realized I was deathly afraid of heights. Having that said, my first time flying was in 4th grade, and my trip to America, would change my life.

The opportunity to study and live in the U.S. was something that I never thought of doing, but by God’s sovereign plan, I am still here today. My story was all part of HIS story.

My passion for photography grew in high school, when I didn’t want to take art as my elective class. That year, I fell in love with photography, especially how it was able to capture more than art itself; a story that was meant to be told. I never lost sight of it until I made a difficult decision to pursue photography as my career. Documenting moments on your special day is what I do as a photographer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think life is full of beauty—even in the mundane. Daily rituals. Fears. Passion. Anxiousness. Hope. Love. I think these are extraordinary things and I love how a wedding brings these together and make them into one beautiful story.

Thank you for taking your time to hear my story, and hope to hear from you about your beautiful story!


Photo by Jerome Park.